AGEM index for April shows promise


AGEM index for April shows promise

By Violeta Prockyte

The Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers (AGEM) announced that spring is seeing a spike in activity. While not up to the numbers of the previous year, April had overcome the drop in March, and steadily increased the overall Index value.

In April, the index increased by 63.52 points to 376.04 total, which is 20.3% higher than they were in March. The points are still falling behind last year’s count, however, since April of 2019 had a 21.1% higher impact on the market.

One of the greatest index contributors is Aristocrat Leisure Limited, with a contribution of 40.13 and a month-on-month growth of 19.4%. But compared to last year, the company fell by 2.3%.

Everi Holdings is another company with month-on-month growth is up by 50%, but the year-on-year numbers plummeted by 51.9% as well.

For the majority of companies in the index, stock prices are rising compared to March, but the companies are still losing out with year-on-year numbers.

AGEM also indicated that the US market is also rebounding from the COVID-19 effect. Three major stock market indices reported similar month-on-month growth for its companies: S&P 500 with 12.7%, Dow Jones Industrial Average with 11.1%, and NASDAQ with 15.4%. But the year-on-year numbers remain down.

The rising numbers could be seen as the industry’s way of recovering, but currently, many of the indexed companies cannot reach the level they were at a year ago.


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