Esports takes centre stage as SickOdds returns for AffiliateCon Virtually Live


Esports takes centre stage as SickOdds returns for AffiliateCon Virtually Live

By Tim Poole

Esports affiliate SickOdds will be speaking at AffiliateCon Virtually Live on Tuesday 12 May.

Following their appearance at AffiliateCon Sofia 2019, Tom Wade and Nick Pateman, SickOdds co-founders, will present ‘Pandemics & The Future: An unprecedented opportunity for esports?’ for this year’s virtual edition.

AffiliateCon Virtually Live will be free to watch on YouTube, following the postponement of AffiliateCon Sofia to 2021 due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Wade and Pateman tell us more about their panel below; for the full event agenda, visit

How is the coronavirus pandemic currently affecting your business?

As an esports-first affiliate platform we’re in a unique position during this coronavirus outbreak. We’ve seen our traffic more than double across a range of esports titles and seen astounding interest in some of the cross-over esports titles such as FIFA and NBA2k. Interest across social media has spiked and the esports industry as a whole has boomed.

What advice would you give operators and affiliates during these testing times?

With the mandatory halting of traditional sports around the globe we’ve no doubt many affiliates have seen a great lull in both traffic and revenue. In these times it’s important to ensure your affiliate network has enough diversity to ensure it can be sustained. Slots, virtual sports and, most importantly to us, esports have flourished during this time.

What will your talk be about at AffiliateCon Virtually Live?

We’ll be talking about how COVID-19 has been an unexpected and unprecedented opportunity for esports and the betting/affiliate industry. We’ll be sharing both our first-hand experiences and insights from our esports specialist betting partners.


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